100 Days ’til Christmas

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is only 100 days away. I know what you’re thinking – it’s the middle of September. I know. Isn’t it great.

The fall holiday season is a very busy time of the year (and my absolute favorite time of the year). There is so much to do in what seems like so little time.

Decorate our homes. Check gift lists. Send out cards. Cook feasts. Enjoy loved ones. Tend to our everyday lives. No wonder it never seems like enough time to get it all done.

In addition to the already hectic season, my son’s birthday is on Christmas day.

So, as you can imagine, I like to prep early for Christmas and all of the fall holidays. There are a few tools that I use to keep me organized for Christmas.


  • If you want your Christmas to do list broken down into really small bite sizes, then a good place to start looking for daily tips is 100daystoChristmas.com
  • Do you have a Christmas planner? Why not make one? A good Christmas planner will be the command center for a smooth holiday season. You can keep your shopping lists, gift wish lists, cleaning lists, guest lists, ingredient lists, to do lists, and any other list you could possible think of here. Need an idea how to create one? OrganizedHome.com has an easy to use diy christmas planner complete with printable pages to help make your holidays run smoothly.


Personally, I don’t like waiting until the last minute to plan for Christmas. So, I’ll be keeping you guys posted on how my holiday planning is going.

Have you started planning for the holiday season? Share your organization tips with us.

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